markus otz

filmmaker / scriptwriter / art director

emotive visual outlook carpentry

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a natural predisposition for picture and aesthetic interpretation of communication value are combined through advanced skills in framing and coloring to achieve the desired look

projects are developded faithfully to the storyboard and editet in combination to the rhythms of the dialogs or the underlining music

cleanness of picture and weight of the involved elements are always a must


motion picture is a complex combination of distinct visual arts and a strong matching of the right number/disposal of the various elements inside a shot

go over all the features that a picture needs to astonishing the viewer is the goal to achieve and unquestioning to follow once going behind the stories that happens around us

looking the world through a camera and share the experienced emotions is worth all the troubles to take the right shot


taking pictures is a deep descent into the nature of thinghs and a constantly surprise over the unexpected

now the whole thing has become an unconditional search, I hope to be up to par with my future work

(statement by 2016)


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corso san gottardo 23 - p.o. box 1633 - ch-6830 chiasso

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